CCNA2 v6.0 Pretest Exam

CCNA2 v6.0 Pretest Exam

  1. Which two components are configured via software in order for a PC to participate in a network environment? (Choose two.)
    • MAC address
    • IP address
    • kernel
    • shell
    • subnet mask
  2. What is the correct order for PDU encapsulation?
  3. To revert to a previous configuration, an administrator issues the command copy tftp startup-config on a router and enters the host address and file name when prompted. After the command is completed, why does the current configuration remain unchanged?
    • The command should have been copy startup-config tftp.
    • The configuration should have been copied to the running configuration instead.
    • The configuration changes were copied into RAM and require a reboot to take effect.
    • A TFTP server can only be used to restore the Cisco IOS, not the router configuration.
  4. A small car dealership has a scanner that is attached to the PC of the sales manager. When salesmen need to scan a document, they place the document in the scanner and use their own PCs to control the scanner through software on the PC of the manager. After the document is scanned, they can attach it to an email or upload it into the sales software. What type of network model does this scenario describe?
    • client/server
    • packet-switched
    • peer-to-peer
    • centralized
    • hierarchical
  5. Which media access method requires that an end device send a notification across the media before sending data?
    • CSMA/CA​
    • CSMA/CD​
    • deterministic
    • token passing
  6. Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is configured to obtain a dynamic IP address from the DHCP server. PC1 has been shut down for two weeks. When PC1 boots and tries to request an available IP address, which destination IP address will PC1 place in the IP header?
  7. Which statement is true about IPv6 addresses?
    • Global unicast addresses are globally unique and can be routed through the Internet.
    • Link-local addresses must be unique.
    • A loopback address is represented by ::/128.​
    • Unique local addresses are used to communicate with other devices on the same link.
  8. Refer to the exhibit. Which IP addressing scheme should be changed?
    • Site 1
    • Site 2
    • Site 3
    • Site 4
  9. What is the most effective way to mitigate worm and virus attacks?
    • Secure all Layer 2 devices.
    • Ensure that users change their passwords often.
    • Deploy packet filtering firewalls at the network edge.
    • Install security updates to patch vulnerable systems.
  10. A particular website does not appear to be responding on a Windows 7 computer. What command could the technician use to show any cached DNS entries for this web page?
    • ipconfig /all
    • arp -a
    • ipconfig /displaydns
    • nslookup
  11. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring access control to switch SW1. If the administrator uses Telnet to connect to the switch, which password is needed to access user EXEC mode?
    • letmein
    • secretin
    • lineconin
    • linevtyin
  12. In performing a protocol analysis of a network, when should traffic be captured to ensure the most accurate representation of the different traffic types on the network?
    • during software upgrades
    • during times of moderate network use
    • during hours of peak network use
    • during weekends and holidays when network use is light
  13. Refer to the exhibit. A TCP segment from a server has been captured by Wireshark, which is running on a host. What acknowledgement number will the host return for the TCP segment that has been received?
    • 2
    • 21
    • 250
    • 306
    • 2921
  14. Refer to the exhibit. What is the link-local IPv6 address of the local computer shown based on the output of the netstat -r command?
    • ::1/128
    • 2001::/32
    • 2001:db8:9d38:953c:1c53:2271:9c9a:c62c/128
    • fe80::/64
    • fe80::13e:4586:5807:95f7/128
  15. A network administrator is checking the system logs and notices unusual connectivity tests to multiple well-known ports on a server. What kind of potential network attack could this indicate?
    • access
    • reconnaissance
    • denial of service
    • information theft
  16. Which technology provides a solution to IPv4 address depletion by allowing multiple devices to share one public IP address?
    • ARP
    • DNS
    • PAT
    • SMB
    • DHCP
    • HTT
  17. What happens when part of an Internet television transmission is not delivered to the destination?
    • A delivery failure message is sent to the source host.
    • The part of the television transmission that was lost is re-sent.
    • The entire transmission is re-sent.
    • The transmission continues without the missing portion.
  18. Which three IP addresses are public? (Choose three.)
  19. A host is accessing an FTP server on a remote network. Which three functions are performed by intermediary network devices during this conversation? (Choose three.)
    • regenerating data signals
    • acting as a client or a server
    • providing a channel over which messages travel
    • applying security settings to control the flow of data
    • notifying other devices when errors occur
    • serving as the source or destination of the messages
  20. Which IP address is a valid network address?
  21. What is the range of host IP addresses for the subnet
    • –
    • –
    • –
    • –
    • –
  22. An organization has received the IPv6 network prefix of 2001:db8:1234::/52 from their ISP. How many subnets can be created from this prefix without borrowing bits from the interface ID?
    • 1024
    • 4096
    • 8192
    • 65536
  23. Match the application protocols to the correct transport protocols.
    • CCNA2 v6.0 Pretest Exam 01

  24. Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.What is the secret keyword that is displayed on the web page?
    • router
    • switch
    • frame
    • packet
    • cisco
  25. Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question.
    Which IPv6 address is assigned to the Serial0/0/0 interface on RT2?

    • 2001:db8:abc:1::1
    • 2001:db8:abc:5::1
    • 2001:db8:abc:5::2
    • 2001:db8:abc:10::15